La pensée Lean

Even though IKMW has a large range of open and internal company training courses, there is an increase in a more targeted approach which is tailor-made to the requirements and/or objectives of the organisations.
IKMW offers organisations a network of consultants each with their own expertise in the field of quality, energy, project management, and this in a variety of sectors.

Who is it for?

All organisations, from the automotive sector to the governmental sector and even educational establishments. Ideal for organisations which have a clear objective in mind, but which need support in order to achieve specific goals.


Via Consulting we build the bridge between daily practice and theory:

  • Improved efficiency
  • The acquisition of insight in processes
  • The improvement in quality of products/services

You can call on the expertise for amongst others:

  • The analysis
  • The implementation
  • The optimisation
  • The adjustment

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