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Elzenstraat 44, 3950 Bocholt, Belgium

About Robert Thonissen

Robert Thonissen founded IKMW in 2011 when he noticed that the industry in the Limburg area needed certified training in quality procedures. Aided by his knowledge about quality and process improvement combined with his extended network in the European industry, he soon managed to expand his activities outside Belgian borders. Robert is the motivated force of IKMW that strives for a high educational level for each single course participant.

Robert graduated in Chemical Engineering and specialized in agricultural chemistry at the KHIL in Hasselt.

He also acquired a postgraduate Master in Total Quality Management at the PUC in Diepenbeek and a Phd. Quality Management at the Bradford University (UK) with the study: Measurement of the efficiency of training programs.

Above all, he had the possibility to study at the best University in the world, that is Ford Motor Company, where he managed to achieve multiple diploma’s ranging from Engineering Quality Improvement to Ford Technical Education Program and, of course, all the possible degrees in the 6-Sigma Program from Black Belt to Master Black Belt and Sensei.

In the period before Ford, I have had experience as a Quality Manager in the Weapon, Textile and Furniture Industry.

At Ford, I started as a Supervisor Paint Shop and worked my way up to Internal Quality Consultant. In this function I was world-wide responsible for the FMEA process in Development and Production.

From 2000 to 2003 I was the Manager of the Education Program for all Ford suppliers in Europe. This gave me the opportunity to build my network which I still can rely on today for IKMW.

From 2008 until closure of the Ford Genk Plant, I was responsible for implementation of the Global Ford Production Improvement Program in all Stamping factories en Truck plants (Europe).