About Patrick Put

Patrick Put and Wim Hoste were colleagues at Ford Genk. They were involved in start up projects in the automotive business. Patrick is specialised in Q related issues and managing of productionteams.
Lean manufacturing, FMEA, 6-Sigma, black belt and superb coaching are his strength.
Patrick achieved a bachelor in automatisation and process control at TIB. He followed different courses of which the integral evolution psychology the most important is for his coaching and HR-advice capacities.
– time management (1996 )
– business leadership ( 1996 )
– brand management  (1998 )
– FMEA ( 2004 )
– Black Belt ( 2014 )

1/1/2016 – today     Owner Cre-Inside-Out

30/3/2010        Q-Engineer Body Construction Mondeo Ford Genk

  • Q-reporting VRT-team
  • Responsible customer complaints Sheet metal/waterleaks and improve productionproces
  • Support engineering new Mondeo start up. (Technical and Q )
  • Responsible dimensional improvements
  • Certified black belt

1/2/2009          Production Supervisor Understructure Mondeo Ford  Genk

  • Continuously improve the productionproces
  • Support technical projects

1997                           In coöperation with WTCM, introduction of 2 new Russian technologies in European coatingmarket (WSe2 and WC-layer). Start up Intratungsten.

13/3/1993        Production supervisor press-shop weekendshift

  • teams +- 115 operators
  • Introduction FPS
  • 21 productionlines + logistics
  • 4 cuttinglines
  • Try-out new models

17/7/1992        Production Supervisor Jumbopress Ford Genk

  • Start up Jumbo press
  • 4 productionlines

1/9/1989          GC-specialist Neste chemicals

  • Start up polypropyleenplant
  • Start up polyethyleenplant
  • Development gasanalysersystem

15/11/1988      Production supervisor Yamauchi Corp

Responsible for assembly department, internal logistics and project implementations.

1/3/1988          Q- control Lemmerz Hoboken

Responsible for Q of the weekendshift