About Matthew Gracie

Matthew Gracie is a Business Excellence Evangelist using his extensive experience in Business Change Transformation from being a Lean Six Sigma and Improvement professional.

Matthew studied Electronics & Electrical Eng. BSc at theUniversity of Glasgow

He has worked as a consultant and advisor for more than twenty years: advising, coaching and training many organisations since leading Motorola’s Lean Six Sigma Improvement programme in the 90’s.

His interest in Quality started with his first Product Engineering role in Motorola, where he improved the quality of several high volume semiconductor products. Matthew used process data to analyse and forecast future process yields, an early indication of the key interest he would form in Lean Six Sigma tools. His skills as part of Motorola’s Quality System Review process, led him onto the Baldrige and EFQM improvement methods in the 90’s and promoting Business Excellence today.

The development of employees is a key focus for Matthew, helping others to realise their potential and he has held several training and development positions with Motorola and Digital Equipment Corporation. In these roles Matthew focused on developing critical business competencies, to match the business strategy, both to achieve the long-term vision and the operational near term requirements.

Matthew has advised, supported and coached many Executive, Master Black, Black and Green Belt projects from many industries including: automotive, construction, consumer goods, electrical system products, financial services, health care, heavy engineering, oil & gas, packaging, pharmaceuticals, postal, power generation, smelting and transportation. Improvement Projects have been focused on all aspects of these industries including: Back office performance, customer complaints, cycle time reduction, design accuracy, distribution, margin erosion, NPI, productivity, sales performance, scrap reduction, waste elimination & yield improvement.  A few example projects supported: Reducing Invoice Complexity, Capex Value reduction, Reduction Line 5 process standardisation, Air Bag Production Efficiency, Alternator defect reduction & Improve Preventive Maintenance Compliance.

Matthew has extensive experience supporting companies based in the various countries in the Gulf region and has support a number of clients in the Oil, Gas, Banking, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors over the past 12 years in the region. Recently he initiated a transformational program at an oil refinery complex with projects covering issues from Energy usage, manpower utilization to maintenance trips and Turnaround Interval & Duration.

Matthew has assisted companies getting industry improvement recognition and when working on a deployment of Lean Six Sigma at a global company where significant $m benefits were realised within a 9-month period from program launch, this resulted in an awarded of the IQPC best new program.